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From Grandkids to Grandparents

We are a multigenerational family. As we searched to find a special beachfront home to call our own we hoped to find a place that would have a special appeal to each generation.  After visiting several states and beaches,  the choice for us became clear. The white sand and blue water of the Alabama coast was the winner, and the Beach Club was the venue that offered a unique blend of natural beauty in a family friendly resort setting. We could not be more pleased to find this gem of a spot where we can relax, rejuvenate and enjoy our family.

The Unique Benefits of the Condo;
We have been to many beaches through the years. All were very nice and offered the sea, sand, plus an assortment of amenities and opportunities. Then we came to the Beach Club. It was as if all the past beaches were gleaned for their best attributes and combined in one special spot. It was irresistible for us. Each time we come for vacation, the feeling of being at the right spot had been solidified. We know your family will have that same experience as you settle in for a LA (Lower Alabama) time of relaxation and rejuvenation. Enjoy your stay at our Gulf Shores Beach Getaway.

Greg and Glenda

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